Futurefarmers and Urban Bakers

Salt Galata

September 23, 2017 13.00 – 16.00

Son Sergi 27042017 009 1 Futurefarmers, <i>Tohum Yolculuğu</i>, 2017
<i>Sanat Kullanımları: Son Sergi</i>, SALT Galata, 2017
Fotoğraf: Mustafa Hazneci
Futurefarmers, Seed Journey, 2017
The Uses of Art: Final Exhibition, SALT Galata, 2017
Photo: Mustafa Hazneci
Conversation: Futurefarmers
Workshop IV

Workshop: Urban Bakers

Aspiring to return ancient grains to their “center of origin,” FuturefarmersSeed Journey began in September 2016 in Oslo upon an 1895 Colin Archer sailboat and will conclude on September 22 in Istanbul. Using the chimney of the external wood oven, installed on the terrace of SALT Galata in June 2016 by Futurefarmers, a smoke signal was sent to announce the beginning of the journey which would soon communicate with many actors working to protect seeds. While the crew’s research and combined knowledge were narrated through the Seed Journey installation as part of The Uses of Art: Final Exhibition, the bread oven acted as a meeting site for the Urban Bakers program, in which the importance of independent bread production in an urban setting was discussed.

Presenting this collection of seeds at SALT Galata on September 23, a conversation will be held with the participation of Futurefarmers’ Amy Franceschini, Martin Lundberg, and Andrew Forbes. Aiming to raise awareness of specialized bread production within the urban context of Istanbul, the fifth event of the Urban Bakers program will take place following the conversation. Accompanied by the members of Futurefarmers, invited bakers Murat Demirtaş (Fırınımdan Ekmekler) and Jülide Yağcıoğlu (Jüli Bakery) will introduce their personal bread making techniques and recipes while preparing their sourdough breads in the oven located on the terrace of Neolokal.

As part of The Uses of Art: Final Exhibition, Futurefarmers’ Seed Journey installation is on view at the treasury located at SALT Research until October 15.

The program is open to all. The conversation will be held in English.