Thursday Cinema

Salt Galata

November 30, 2017 19.00

Bloki 2017 <i>BLOKI</i> (2017) filminden bir kare
Yönetmenin izniyle
Still from BLOKI (2017)
Courtesy the director
SALT Galata, Auditorium

BLOKI (2017)
Director: Konrad Królikowski
57 minutes
Polish; Turkish and English subtitles

BLOKI (2017) narrates the story of Poland’s towering complexes, known as wielka płyta [the great panel] or “bloki”, established by the country’s communist regime following the Second World War. Through the narratives of the architects, and past and present residents, the documentary film retells of the events and complexities in establishing these blocks, while exploring life within these multiple-floor apartments. Shedding light on a story about a contested history, not necessarily reviled by all, director Królikowski calls for discussion regarding this conflicted architectural structure.

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