Save As: Archiving Born-Digital Architectural Materials

Salt Galata

December 1, 2017 19.00

Anadol 2017 Refik Anadol’un ilk kez Nisan 2017’de SALT Galata’da sunulan <i>Arşiv Rüyası</i> medya enstalasyonundan t-SNE veri bulutu heykeli. Toplam 1,7 milyon. Odak kategori: Mimari. Nokta bulut veri sayısı: 314.870.
Data cloud sculpture from Refik Anadol’s media installation Archive Dreaming, initally presented at SALT Galata in 2017. 1.7 million in total. Focus category: Architecture. Number of point cloud data: 314,870.
SALT Galata, Auditorium

Initiated by SALT Research Architecture and Design Archive in May 2017, with the support of Kalebodur, the public program series Save As: Archiving Born-Digital Architectural Materials continues at SALT Galata. Starting with a video conference by Tim Walsh, a digital archivist from the Canadian Centre for Architecture’s (CCA), the program will follow with a presentation by Klaus Rechert, a post-doctoral researcher leading a research group on digital preservation at University of Freiburg.

In the 1980s, the computers began becoming a part of architectural design processes, and architectural drawings traditionally made with pen and ink were replaced with computer-based drawings. These interactive, software-based materials including CAD, BIM, and 3D modelling files are important cultural and intellectual records of the emerging digital society. Yet, there is no defined standard to preserve them for future use. Walsh’s presentation will address the current challenges met at the CCA in this context while detailing the institutional methods to process, and provide access to digital archives of contemporary architectural practice. In the following presentation, Rechert will focus on the systemization of a born-digital object’s technical structure, as well as the workflows and implementation of the emulation framework Emulation-as-a-Service (EaaS).

The talk will be held in English with simultaneous translation to Turkish.


19.00 Introduction by Melis Cankara, Senior Archivist at SALT Research

19.10 Tim Walsh, “Preservation and Access to Born-Digital Architectural Records: Issues and the CCA Approach” (video conference)

19.30 Klaus Rechert, “Preserving Born-Digital Assets: An Emulation-Based Strategy, Tools and Workflows”

Tim Walsh leads a team of dedicated digital processing archivists, develops and implements workflows and software for processing born-digital archives; and manages long-term preservation of digital materials at CCA in Montreal, Canada.

Klaus Rechert manages multiple national and international projects related to digital preservation, reproducible science and research data management at University of Freiburg, where he holds a doctoral degree.

SALT Research Architecture and Design Archive is supported by Kalebodur.

As part of Save As: Archiving Born-Digital Architectural Materials, a series of public programs organized by SALT in collaboration with Kalebodur, this talk takes place with the support of Goethe-Institut Istanbul.