Perfor­mance: This is the end, beautiful friend

Salt Galata

December 5 – December 6, 2017

Biriken 2017 biriken, <i>This is the end, beautiful friend</i>, İstanbul, 2017
Fotoğraf: İpek Çınar
biriken, This is the end, beautiful friend, Istanbul, 2017
Photo: İpek Çınar
December 5, 19.00
December 6, 19.00
biriken art collective members Melis Tezkan and Okan Urun’s installation-performance focuses on two bodies, which are emotionally and physically accompanying one another in a rhythm created by light and sound. Uniting them through the act of breath holding, This is the end, beautiful friend’s structure will be inspired by The Doors’ song “The End.”

Initially produced by Tezkan and Urun for the off-site Istanbul project of the 13th Sharjah Biennial, BAHAR, the performance’s music and sound design is composed by Berk Çakmakçı and Berke Üstünkök.

Program is free. Participation is limited to 60 people, and reservations are not accepted.

Founded in 2006 by Melis Tezkan and Okan Urun, biriken produces videos, installations, and performances in Turkey and abroad.