Talk: Alistair Hudson

Salt Galata

December 22, 2017 19.00

Communitydaylunch 17 Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art’ta (MIMA) topluluk buluşması öğle yemeği, 2017
MIMA’nın izniyle
Community day lunch at Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (MIMA), 2017
Courtesy MIMA
SALT Galata, Workshop IV

The Museum of Arte Útil: Design Thinking in a Post-Artistic Society

Located in the post-industrial North East of England, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (MIMA) is far from the metropolitan capital, and at the heart of the Brexit-voting hinterlands. Director of MIMA, and co-director of the Asociación de Arte Útil, Alistair Hudson will explain this institution’s transformation from an archetypal modern art gallery into a radical agency using art as a tool for social change. He will explore how this story relates to art’s connection with daily life, and issues ranging from housing to healthcare.

Expanding on the notion of “the useful museum” coined by Hudson, and applying the methodologies of “arte útil,” MIMA has developed a holistic program that combines art, craft, design, architecture, activism, education, and community development. This new approach is driven by the needs and urgencies of the contemporary context, and established collectively with a wide range of participants, promoting “usership” over spectatorship.

The talk will be held in English and is open to all.