Long Thursday
January 2018

Salt Galata

January 25, 2018 19.00

20180116 1352806043 Refik Anadol, <i>Zahirî Mekânda Arşiv</i>, SALT Galata
Fotoğraf: Mustafa Hazneci, Ocak 2018
Refik Anadol, Virtual Archive, SALT Galata
Photo: Mustafa Hazneci, January 2018
Auditorium, 19.00-24.00
Conference: L’imagination au pouvoir [Power to the Imagination]

Taking place as part of this year’s La Nuit des Idées [The Night of Ideas] program, the conference will investigate the link between imagination, creativity and politics in the context the 1968 events.

Organized in collaboration with SALT and Institut français de Turquie à Istanbul, the program will be held in Turkish and French with simultaneous translation to both languages. The conference is open to all.

Floor -1
Exhibition: Virtual Archive

Available for interactive explorations via a virtual reality headset, Refik Anadol’s installation provides users an opportunity to fly through a 3D data point cloud that presents more than 1,700,000 documents in SALT Research archive collections as a network, and study any selected virtual document.

SALT Research
open until 19.00.