B.U.S. Opening Programs:
Obsessy Tea Ceremony with David Bernstein

Salt Galata

April 12, 2018 16.00 – 19.00

Davidbernstein 2018 David Bernstein, <i>Obsessys</i> [Merakı Mucip Nesneler], 2017-2018.
Fotoğraf: Charlott Markus. Sanatçının izniyle.
David Bernstein, Obsessys, 2017-2018, objects for touching and talking.
Photograph: Charlott Markus. Courtesy the artist.
Floor -1, Exhibition Space

Artist David Bernstein is joined by certified tea expert Ece Erel in an Obsessy tea ceremony, inviting participants to attend at anytime during the three hours to have a cup of tea blended especially for the occasion. This undefined session of touching and talking will enable one to encounter various objects with others, as well as with themselves. Participants are encouraged to engage in discussions following their curiosity and senses, while the surrounding sculptures and collected items remain things in between; in between the known and the unknown, the familiar and the strange, and importantly, the beholder and the artist.

This public program will be held in English.

Bureau of Unspecified Services (B.U.S.), which includes Bernstein’s Obsessys (2017-2018), is on view at SALT Galata until July 15.