Sounds of Cinema
Zemlya [Earth] featuring Ekin Fil

Salt Beyoğlu

April 26, 2018 20.00 – 21.15

Zemlya 1930 <i>Zemlya</i> [Toprak] (1930) filmden bir kare
Still from Zemlya [Earth] (1930)
Walk-in Cinema

Zemlya [Earth] (1930)
Director: Aleksandr Dovzhenko
Silent film, 76 minutes

The last addition to Ukraine Trilogy, this film is not only considered as Aleksandr Dovzhenko’s masterpiece, but also remains one of the most important and influential examples of the Soviet cinema. Set in a small village in Ukraine, Zemlya [Earth] depicts an ongoing struggle between a group of farmers trying to purchase a tractor and the well-off landowners. Examining the era’s politics surrounding the collectivization of land ownership, the film is a direct response to another great Soviet filmmaker, Sergei Eisenstein and his 1929 film Staroye i novoye [Old and New].

The screening will be accompanied with a live music performance by Ekin Fil.

Organized in collaboration between SALT and Fol, the program Sounds of Cinema is free and open to all. The film is shown as the original data provided by the distributor.