nightly build — 'the bridge'

Johannes Buch

Salt Beyoğlu

August 8, 2018 11.00 – 19.00

Johannesbuch 2018 ©Johannes Buch
©Johannes Buch

Organized as part of Jeff Talks Back to Back, the workshop will focus on making the 11th issue of nightly build, an A7-sized photocopied zine filled with philosophical writings, poetry, dreams, images, and fragments. Titled ‘the bridge’, this issue will be open to the contributions and interpretations of creatives, designers, artists, illustrators, architects, and curators. Invited to transform the collective visual output of the group into a 16-page micro-typographic smart-zine, each participant will receive a printed copy of the issue at the end of the workshop.

Conducted by Johannes Buch in English, this workshop is limited to eight participants. In order to produce visuals, participants are required to bring their favorite tools, which can be a pen, tablet, notebook, camera, typewriter, or any visual material of preference. To apply, a brief text on potential thoughts, writings, concepts, images, drawings, and interpretations for ‘the bridge’ should be sent to until August 1.

Johannes Buch focuses on graphic and exhibition design, photography, and curatorial practices while carrying a detail-oriented eye for aesthetics, curatorial knowledge as well as visual narratives and experience with similarly–themed urban art projects that engage collaboration. He has worked intensively on several collaborative exhibitions during the last two years.

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