Thursday Cinema
The Experimental City

Salt Beyoğlu

September 13, 2018 19.00

Theexperimentalcity 2017 <i>The Experimental City</i> [Deneysel Şehir] (2017 ©Unicorn Stencil Documentary Films) kapsamında, University of Minnesota bünyesindeki Kuzeybatı Mimarlık Arşivleri izniyle: 1960’ların sonundan MXC taslak çizimi ©Unicorn Stencil Documentary Films
The Experimental City (2017 ©Unicorn Stencil Documentary Films). MXC concept drawing, late 1960s. Courtesy the Northwest Architectural Archives, University of Minnesota Libraries.
Walk-in Cinema

The Experimental City (2017)
Director: Chad Freidrichs
96 minutes
English; Turkish subtitles

The brainchild of renowned scientist, inventor and comic-strip author Athelstan Spilhaus, the Minnesota Experimental City (MXC) was a planned community for 250,000 people. The project aimed at solving urban problems by creating a modular settlement in the isolated woods of northern Minnesota in the mid-1960s. Narrating the remarkable efforts of Spilhaus, the story uncovers his visions for an experimental city, partially enclosed by a geodesic dome, that would continuously transform to find workable urban solutions by employing the latest technologies in communications, transport, pollution control, and energy supply. Yet this futuristic attempt would always be remembered as an almost realized model for the 21st century, with a philosophy of lifelong learning where everyone is both a student and teacher.

The latest documentary by Chad Freidrichs, director of The Pruitt-Igoe Myth (2011) previously screened as part of Thursday Cinema, The Experimental City will premiere in Turkey at SALT Beyoğlu.

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