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De l'autre côté [From the Other Side]

Salt Beyoğlu

October 11, 2018 19.00

Fromtheotherside 2002 <i>De l'autre côté</i> [Sınırın Öte Yanı] (2002) filminden bir kare ©Doc & Film International
Still from De l'autre côté [From the Other Side] (2002) ©Doc & Film International
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De l’autre côté [From the Other Side] (2002)
Director: Chantal Akerman
99 minutes
English, Spanish, French; Turkish and English subtitles

Late feminist artist and director Chantal Akerman was only 25 years old when she shot her masterpiece Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles in 1975. In this 2002 film, Akerman focuses on multifaceted narrations of migration from the US-Mexico border. Interviews with people trying to reach to North America, relatives of those who perished, complainants about the influx of illegal immigrants, police officers, and human rights advocates are accompanied by long flowing scenes of dusty streets, highways, mountains, and deserts.

For years, immigrants passed through San Diego. However, the USA, using technologies invented during the Vietnam War and perfected for the Gulf War, managed to quell the flow of illegals there. Leaving only the mountains and deserts of Arizona for those desperate enough to try their luck, the film emphasizes that it was a calculated plan to stop the crossings altogether. Akerman depicts a never-ending crisis by painterly interweaving experiences, testimonies, expectations and harsh truths “from the other side.”

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