Thursday Cinema
Freak Out!

Salt Beyoğlu

October 25, 2018 19.00

Freakout 2014 <i>Freak Out!</i> [Tam Bir Delilik!] (2014) filminden bir kare ©Deckert Distribution
Still from Freak Out! (2014) ©Deckert Distribution
Walk-in Cinema

Freak Out! (2014)
Director: Carl Javér
86 minutes
German and English; Turkish and English subtitles

Peace, free love, feminism, veganism! A new life built in the country, far away from modern society and consumerism. The 1960s, right? Not quite. Freak Out! (2014) retells the story of an alternative movement, which was born in 1900 in southern Switzerland.

As an initiation by a group of middle-class youth, Monte Verità [Hill of Truth] soon attracted most of Europe’s cultural radicals including Dadaists, expressionists, and anarchists. Against the urbanized, industrialized north, they sowed the seeds of utopia in fertile ground of the south. Although it seemed like a mental asylum to the locals, the commune hosted many academic and cultural programs such as seminars questioning the notions of nation, religion and rituals, as well as body performances; and became a sanctuary for all kinds of lone idealists.

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