SALT Ankara Screenings:
Gaza Surf Club

Salt Ankara

November 22, 2018 19.00

8gazasurfclub 2016 <i>Gaza Surf Club</i> [Gazze Sörf Kulübü] (2016) filminden bir kare 
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Still from Gaza Surf Club (2016)
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Gaza Surf Club (2016)
Director: Philip Gnadt and Mickey Yamine
87 minutes
Arabic and English; Turkish and English subtitles

For some young Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, surfing seems the only way to escape from the ruins caused by air strikes, and ensure them a sense of freedom. Ibrahim, a 23- year-old lifeguard, dreams of inspiring his peers with his beloved sport, and crafting his own boards. While for Sabah, a 15-year-old girl in love with the sea, it is not that easy to break the Mediterranean waves.

A fascinating glimpse into existence in a conflict zone, this documentary depicts through thrilling scenes how surfing can free the mind and the body, while giving voice to a young generation on women’s rights, freedom of expression, and belief. The film, also observing the local socio-political situation, screened for the first time in Turkey at SALT Beyoğlu in June 2018.

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