SALT Ankara Screenings:

Salt Ankara

December 20, 2018 19.00

Lucky 2017 <i>Lucky</i> (2017) filminden bir kare ©FilmArtı
Stilll from Lucky (2017) ©FilmArtı
ÇSM, Yaşar Kemal Conference Hall

Lucky (2017)
Director: John Carroll Lynch
88 minutes
English; Turkish subtitles

Milk and cigarettes, yoga and crossword puzzles, cactuses and an aged missing tortoise… This time behind the camera, John Carroll Lynch tells the “enlightenment” story of a non-believer questioning the notion of reality while facing his own mortality. His name is Lucky; a cowboy hat-wearing, crossword puzzle addict, cranky old man living alone in a remote town in California. He passes time doing yoga, getting into depressing conversations with strange characters in local venues, watching bad TV shows, and smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. As a 90-year-old who has outlived most of his generation, Lucky tries to understand why he’s still around in such an existential agony.

Lynch describes his directorial debut as a “lightly fictionalized love letter” to the lead actor Harry Dean Stanton. Lucky, whose cast included director David Lynch, brought many nominations and awards for Stanton. Fourteen months after shooting for the film was complete, he died at age 91.

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