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Salt Beyoğlu

November 1, 2018 19.00

Stroszek 1977 <i>Stroszek</i> (1977) filminden bir kare ©Werner Herzog Film
Still from Stroszek (1977) ©Werner Herzog Film
Walk-in Cinema

Stroszek (1977)
Director: Werner Herzog
108 minutes
German, English, Turkish; Turkish and English subtitles

One of the leading figures of New German Cinema, Werner Herzog’s 1977 film Stroszek tells the peculiar story of an alcoholic ex-prisoner, a tiny old man, and a prostitute, who leave Berlin together in pursuit of a better future in Wisconsin. Herzog builds the film, which he wrote in four days, around his favourite actor Bruno S.

The unwanted son of a prostitute, Bruno S. had been subject to severe beatings until the age of three, and had spent the next 23 years in mental and correctional institutions. In spite of that, he managed to teach himself how to play some instruments like the accordion, and eventually made his way as a street musician. Based on his real persona, the main character Bruno Stroszek becomes hopeful when an opportunity arises to build a new life in Midwest America. But soon he and his two equally eccentric and unfortunate companions hit the sobering reality of their limited horizons.

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