Is this our last chance?
Kötü Tohum [Bad Seed]

Salt Beyoğlu

December 15, 2018 15.30

6 Kotutohum 2018 <i>Kötü Tohum</i> (2018) filminden bir kare
Yönetmenin izniyle
Still from Kötü Tohum [Bad Seed] (2018)
Courtesy the director
Walk-in Cinema

Kötü Tohum [Bad Seed] (2018)
Director: Ethem Özgüven
46 minutes
Turkish; English subtitles

Local farmers from the Ida Mountain ranges in northwestern Turkey breed indigenous cattle, produce organic olive oil and grow traditional old seeds. On the other hand, the population in large cities are fed with chemically-induced foods, endorsed and produced by industrial complexes. As the world heads towards a predicted extinction, the village populations are still forced to migrate to the metropolises that are already overwhelmed by the growing numbers of city dwellers.

Shot in eight years, Kötü Tohum [Bad Seed] (2018) aims to portray the hardship and challenges small-scale producers face. Following the screening, Ümit Şahin from the Istanbul Policy Center at Sabancı University will be in conversation (in Turkish) with the director Ethem Özgüven.

The public screening and conversation are free. Reservations are not accepted.