How does İstanbul appear
from a child’s point of view?

Salt Beyoğlu

December 13, 2011 18.30

Zeynep Kılıç & Burcu Oy
SALT Beyoğlu 2. Floor

Zeynep Kılıç, Ph.D., has worked as a teacher and researcher in the Child Studies unit of İstanbul Bilgi University since 2008. She works with and develops activities for children on the subject of children’s rights. In the context of her İstanbul-based research project “To Understand the Good State of the Child,” a group of eight academics from İstanbul Bilgi University and Boğaziçi University is examining children’s ideas about their own lives — present and future — with a consideration of environment. Kılıç lectures on the history of childhood and social responsibility projects at İstanbul Bilgi University, and is a board member of the Association for the Support and Training of Women Candidates.

Graduating from Boğaziçi University’s Department of Psychology in 2004, Burcu Oy now studies at the same institution as a post-graduate student of clinical psychology. Since 1999, she has volunteered for non-governmental organizations serving children and youth, and conducted research on the social lives of young people in the Youth Studies unit of İstanbul Bilgi University. Oy has also been involved in the TÜBİTAK-supported project “To Understand the Good State of the Child,” and continues to work in İstanbul Bilgi University’s Child Studies unit as an invigilator of children’s rights instructors’ education.

The talk will be held in Turkish.