Subculture and nightlife
in İstanbul?

Salt Beyoğlu

December 16, 2011 18.30

Minas Balcıoğlu
SALT Beyoğlu 2. Floor

Minas Balcıoğlu is a creative project designer in the fields of music, food and art. He is chef koch of s.o.a.p., the tribe behind the concepts of Magma Music Club (1996), (((godet))) (1997), a.d.a. project (2001), Redroom (2002), Godet Disko and Penthouse (2004), Edgar G. Diskotek (2007), Teremin Buluşmasi (2008) and MiniMüzikhol (2009). Specializing in production, organizing and planning concepts, it’s also possible to hear his groove ballads at s.o.a.p. events, illegal parties in Switzerland, and events in France and Germany. Currently, he is working with MiniMüzikhol and the recently-opened Datlı Maya restaurant, cooking and playing music for friends on the terrace, as well as spinning from time to time at MiniMüzikhol and who knows where else.

The talk will be held in Turkish.