New Approaches to Data

Salt Beyoğlu

October 5, 2019 15.00

Channel Studio Image
Walk-in Cinema

New Approaches to Data programs begin with a presentation by Channel Studio: New Archive: Machine Learning as a Design Tool

A series of public programs hosting invited tech professionals as well as artists and researchers from the fields of machine learning, artificial intelligence, information system design, and digital archive infrastructures, New Approaches to Data will start with a presentation by Channel Studio. A design and technology studio based in New York, Channel works with museums, archives, and cultural institutions to find new ways of exploring collections online.

New Approaches to Data focuses on the Istanbul Encyclopedia Archive taken over by Kadir Has University, and the three-year project conducted in collaboration with SALT to digitize this comprehensive archive and provide public access through an online software. The series is organized by Digilogue, which has recently joined in the project as the digital infrastructure and system development partner.

In the opening program, co-founders of Channel Studio, Will Denton and Seth Kranzler will cover the history and current state of machine learning. Additionally, they will discuss some of the broader issues in contemporary design and how technology can help us make experiences that are richer and deeper than ever before. The presentation, which will be held in English, is open to all.

Founded by Zorlu Holding and Zorlu Performing Arts Center, Digilogue aims to contribute to Reşad Ekrem Koçu’s unique Istanbul Encyclopedias ongoing digitization process providing a platform to critically evaluate the contemporary systems proposed during the New Approaches to Data programs.