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Ranenyy Angel [The Wounded Angel]

Salt Beyoğlu

October 24, 2019 19.00

Ranenyyangel 2016 <i>Ranenyy Angel</i> [Yaralı Melek] (2016) filminden bir kare ©Capricci
Still from Ranenyy Angel [The Wounded Angel] (2016) ©Capricci
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Ranenyy Angel [The Wounded Angel] (2016)
Director: Emir Baigazin
112 minutes
Kazakh, Russian; Turkish and English subtitles

Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan faced enormous challenges, severe economic depression and social turmoil. Portraying the individual stories of four teenagers who have lost their innocence during this chaotic era, Ranenyy Angel [The Wounded Angel] pursues these boys’ moral dilemmas, inner conflicts as well as the hardship of growing up in a remote village without any meaningful guidance.

Zharas, whose father just got out of prison, works at a mill to provide for his family. Constantly bullied because of his angelic voice, Balapan (“Chick”) gets prepared for a talent contest. While looking for metal scraps in ruins to sell, Zhaba (“Toad”) encounters three deranged boys from a nearby orphanage. Aslan is planning to study medicine but he finds out that his girlfriend is pregnant… How can they go through life without making their wounds any worse in these tough conditions?

Having its world premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival, the 2016 film is the second opus of director Emir Baigazin’s triology about young people, their complicated relations and the painful transition from adolescence to adulthood.

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