SALT Cinema
ZONA [The Zone]

Salt Ankara

November 6, 2019 19.00

Zona 2019 1 <i>ZONA</i> [Bölge] (2019) filminden bir kare ©SomeSuch
Still from ZONA [The Zone] (2019) ©SomeSuch
Nazım Hikmet Culture and Art Center (Oran, Ankara)

ZONA [The Zone], 2019
Director: Clayton Vomero
66 minutes
Russian; Turkish and English subtitles

Zona (“3OHA”) means prison to most people in Russia. In the literary sense, it is a concept from Arkady and Boris Strugatsky’s 1971 sci-fi novel Piknik na obochine [Roadside Picnic]. Italian-American artist and filmmaker Clayton Vomero takes this term as the thin vapor of consumer culture allowing people to live in a fantasy world and eventually become a full “simulacra” as they simulate different versions of themselves until the original no longer exists.

Filmed in Russia and Ukraine, the documentary film ZONA [The Zone] (2019) has two parts spanning from the early 1990s to today. The first part focuses on some of the important cultural figures who embraced the Western culture in these countries while the latter explores younger generations in terms of representation, consumerism, and identity through a group of dissident and outsider young people living in the cities of Moscow, Vladimir, St. Petersburg, and Kiev.

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