Performance: New skin for the old ceremony

Salt Galata

October 19, 2019 15.00

Fotograf Photo Asliozturk <i>Eski tören için yeni cilt</i> provasından fotoğraf: Aslı Öztürk (sanatçıların izniyle)
Photograph by Aslı Öztürk from the New skin for the old ceremony rehearsal (courtesy the artists)
Floor 1
October 19, 15.00
Floor 1
October 19, 18.00
Concept and choreography by Melih Kıraç
Performance by Kamola Rashidova

A testimony of the connection between personal experiences and art production; a survey on fading away bodies, aging, nostalgia, passing, forgetting, and preservation… The performance New skin for the old ceremony, which is based on a single memory unearthed at a late age, explores the ways of retracing of the past and its reinterpretation in a contemporary context while aiming to include memories and words into the choreography itself.

Having observed the changes that his grandmother was going through physically and mentally in her final days, Melih Kıraç managed to track down the story behind her adoption in the central Anatolia in the 1930s. His choreography, conceptualizing this experience as a departure point, creates an invisible network between her, himself, and the dancer Kamola Rashidova while putting a collection of fragments in motion.

Initially performed site-specifically at sub in Çanakkale last April, New skin for the old ceremony will be presented for the first time in Istanbul at SALT Galata. The program is open to all and free.

Melih Kıraç continues his education in the Proficiency in Art Program of Contemporary Dance Department at the Mimar Sinan Fine Art University State Conservatory where he works as a lecturer. A member of independent dance company Çıplak Ayaklar Kumpanyası, he has collaborated with choreographers and ensembles including Beyhan Murphy, Marc Vanrunxt, Taldans, Meg Stuart, Tuğçe Tuna, Tijen Lawton, and MDTistanbul. He was also one of the performers of We, Elsewhere by İnci Eviner in the Pavilion of Turkey at the 58th Venice Biennale.

Kamola Rashidova received ballet training at the Tashkent State Higher School of National Dance and Choreography. Following her graduation from the Contemporary Dance Department at the Mimar Sinan Fine Art University State Conservatory, she continued her education at the dance school P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels. Having worked with choreographers such as Camilla Monga, Eszter Salamon, David Zambrano, and Yoko Ando, Rashidova has been a member of the MDTistanbul and also working independently since 2016.