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Nëntor i ftohtë [Cold November]

Salt Beyoğlu

November 14, 2019 19.00

Nentoriftohte 2018 <i>Nëntor i ftohtë</i> [Kasım Soğuğu] (2018) filminden bir kare ©Buka Productions ©thumbsup
Still from Nëntor i ftohtë [Cold November] (2018) ©Buka Productions ©thumbsup
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Nëntor i ftohtë [Cold November] (2018)
Director: Ismet Sijarina
93 minutes
Albanian; Turkish and English subtitles

Ice-cold days of winter in the beginning of the ’90s in Kosovo that has recently lost its autonomy. An archivist at a public institution, Fadil lives with his wife, his two children, and his paralyzed father. The engine of their old car freezes all the time, the heat in their apartment is shut down, and the number of power cuts increase each day in Pristina. In spite of the hardship in his life, Fadil stays optimistic until his colleagues begin resigning their jobs to protest the enforcement that took Albanians’ rights like health insurance and child support away. Now facing a moral dilemma, Fadil must make a choice between his family and his country: Is he a devoted son, husband, and father or an Albanian patriot before anything else? Should he resign and put his family’s future at risk, or keep working and seen as “a spy” by the Serbians and “a traitor” in his surroundings?

Based on Kosovan director Ismet Sijarina’s memories from early youth, Nëntor i ftohtë [Cold November] (2018) reflects the dark times resulted in the breakup of Yugoslavia while portraying the internal conflicts of an indivual who is targeted and isolated by the masses.

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