Is this our last chance?

Salt Beyoğlu

December 3, 2019 18.30

Soyalism 2018 <i>Soyalism</i> [Soyalizm] (2018) filminden bir kare ©Java Films
Still from Soyalism (2018) ©Java Films
Walk-in Cinema

Soyalism (2018)
Directors: Stefano Liberti, Enrico Parenti
67 minutes
English, Portuguese, Chinese, and French; Turkish and English subtitles

How does the growing demand for meat in China affect the future of the Amazon rainforest? And why are Brazilian agribusiness companies lured to Mozambique for farming soybeans to feed pigs?

In a world struck by climate change and overpopulation, food production control has been increasingly becoming a huge business for a handful of global giants. Following the entire chain of pork production from vast soybean plantations in Brazil to “hypermodern” slaughterhouses in China, Soyalism (2018) investigates how a number of powerful corporations have taken over the whole industry. Through interviews and animations, the documentary film reveals the catastrophic consequences of the industrialization of the global food system, which has already proven to be unsustainable for the earth and its inhabitants.

*According to the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Report 2019 published last September: Countries must reduce the environmental impact of their food production systems, considering the entire value chain, by reducing food waste and reducing reliance on animal-based protein sources. Developing and developed countries both need to increase attention to malnutrition in all its forms—including the increasingly high numbers of persons who are overweight.

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