A Corner in the World Performance Program: 29'59"

Salt Beyoğlu

December 20, 2019 19.00

Acornerintheworld Gülnara Golovina’nın izniyle
Courtesy Gülnara Golovina
Walk-in Cinema

An independent collective focusing on performing arts and related fields, A Corner in the World’s 29’59”, launched in 2018, presents selected works by Istanbul-based artists to enhance visibility of new performative forms. Organized at SALT Beyoğlu for the first time in May 2019, the 29’59” program on December 20 will comprise four new experimental performances, each no longer than 30 minutes.

The performances are open to all and free.

Serenay Oğuz, Mind the Gap
“Shaped by the space in which the body is located, the performance reinterprets the gaps, while examining the relationship between the body’s presence and absence as well as the traces of these relations.” 18 minutes

Burcu Bilgiç (with Ekin Bozkurt through video), A Presentation Occasionally With Movement
“Two performers, one who improvises with sound and the other with movement, relate to each other around a loosely structured story. The intention is to find out lansdcapes of sound and movement, which can trigger the imagination and enable the possibility of distinct associations.” 20 minutes

Gülnara Golovina, 24,5
“An indecisive person who wants to speak up through absolute silence… The piece is based on the reconfiguration of the final part of a performance titled Yol [The Road] by the choreographer İlkay Türkoğlu.” 9 minutes

Ayrin Ersöz, Bengi Sevim, Başak Yavuz, and Hasan Yoksulbakan, Antigone Divided: I push a mountain
“Every artist who reflects various phases of Antigone’s short life actually tells the story of their own Antigone. Intersecting in different sections of time and space, these stories create a web of Antigones, both alive and dead.” 20 minutes