Grant Watson and Marion von Osten

Salt Beyoğlu

January 28, 2020 19.00

Gorsel Image Mpranjan M. P. Ranjan, küp şeklinde bambu tabureler, 2008-2009
Hindistan Ulusal Tasarım Enstitüsü, Bilgi Yönetim Merkezi, Arşiv Koleksiyonu izniyle
M. P. Ranjan, bamboo cube stools, 2008-2009
Courtesy the National Institute of Design (NID), Knowledge Management Center, Archive Collection
Walk-in Cinema

Consisting of an exhibition in four chapters along with a series of publications, panel discussions and symposiums, bauhaus imaginista is represented by the chapter Moving Away at SALT Beyoğlu in Istanbul. Moving Away, which surveys how Bauhaus debates on design changed in relation to the disparate geopolitical conditions, is accompanied by the “Collected Research” on the project’s international explorations and the “Pedagogical Adaptations in Turkey,” an archival display and a workshop program by SALT.

On the opening of the exhibition bauhaus imaginista: Moving Away. Istanbul, curators Grant Watson and Marion von Osten will give a talk about this major international project that marks the centenary of the Bauhaus by focusing on its global reception. They will elaborate on how the four chapters have been materialized in collaboration with a transnational group of artists, researchers, and institutions, through a number of exhibitions, conferences, and workshops that took place over the past three years.

This public program will be held in English.