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Altan Gürman Archive

Unnamed Altan Gürman, <i>Montage 5</i> ve <i>Montage 6</i>, 1967
Arter ve SALT Araştırma, Altan Gürman Arşivi
Altan Gürman, Montage 5 and Montage 6, 1967
Arter & SALT Research, Altan Gürman Archive
One of the pioneers of conceptual art in Turkey, Altan Gürman’s (1935-1976) archive at Arter was digitized by SALT Research as part of a joint collaboration. Including documents and images on Gürman’s artistic practice as well as his educational approaches at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Istanbul and his contribution to the foundation of Basic Art Education Division, the archive is available online here.

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