SALT Research
Erkal Güngören Archive

Erkalgungoren 2 Artvin Hükûmet Konağı
Fotoğraf: Erkal Güngören, 1969
SALT Araştırma, Erkal Güngören Arşivi
Artvin Government House
Photo: Erkal Güngören, 1969
SALT Research, Erkal Güngören Archive
Erkal Güngören’s (1934-2002) archive at SALT Research comprises documents relating to the architect’s professional practice in France and Turkey between the years 1960-2000, in addition to his teaching materials and photographs. It also provides the basis for a potential cross-reading with the SALT Research Art Archive, as Güngören was one of the instructors of the foundation course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Istanbul.

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