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Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin Archive

Merhaba Hba591 Gabriel Lester, <i>Melancholia in Arcadia</i> [Arkadya’da Melankoli], 2011
<i>"Ben bir stüdyo sanatçısı değilim"</i>, SALT Beyoğlu
Fotoğraf: Serkan Taycan
Gabriel Lester’s Melancholia in Arcadia presented as part of “I am not a studio artist”
Photo by Serkan Taycan, SALT Beyoğlu, 2011
A diverse range of resources on the life and practice of Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin (1957-2007)—an artist, thinker, teacher, writer and curator who focused on the effects of globalization, cross-cultural image circulation, immigration and exile—is accessible online. His multi‐referential work consists of photo‐installations, collages, videos, objects, and large-scale production including a life‐size truck overloaded with colorful plastic soccer balls, which together express a multi‐layered, complex visual language. Having opened in 2011 with “I am not a studio artist,” a comprehensive presentation of Alptekin’s practice, SALT also published the first monograph on his oeuvre and made his archive publicly available as part of SALT Research collections. Here is a selection of online content about the late artist:

Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin’s Suitcase (Duygu Demir, 2013)

SALT Online YouTube
Performance by Murat Opus, Meriç Demirkol and Levent Özer to reconstruct Alptekin’s relation with music (SALT Beyoğlu, 2014)
Talk: Luchezar Boyadjiev (SALT Galata, 2013)
Talk: Mladen Dollar (SALT Beyoğlu, 2011)

SALT Online SoundCloud
Audio Guide for the exhibition “I am not a studio artist”