Map of Women Patrons' Structures in Ottoman Istanbul

01 Sunum Yeni Mihrimah Sultan Külliyesi, Üsküdar (tahminen 1930'lar)
SALT Araştırma, Ali Saim Ülgen Arşivi
Mihrimah Sultan Complex, Üsküdar (c. 1930s)
SALT Research, Ali Saim Ülgen Archive
Initially developed for the Commissioners’ Exhibition (SALT Galata, 2017), this recently updated online version gathers a constellation of structures commissioned by the Ottoman women, who generally belonged to the ruling or religious elite, wielding economic and sometimes even political power. Exemplifying the largely overlooked role of these patrons in the urbanization of Istanbul between the 15th and 20th centuries, the study is detailed by documents derived from SALT Research archives.