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Underground Fragrance


October 15 – October 18, 2020

Undergroundfragrance 2015 <i>Underground Fragrance</i> [Yeraltı Esansı] (2015) filminden bir kare ©Urban Distribution INTL<br />
Still from Underground Fragrance (2015) ©Urban Distribution INTL

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Underground Fragrance (2015)
Director: Peng Fei Song
75 minutes
Mandarin; Turkish and English subtitles

A young migrant worker from the south of China, Yong Le salvages furniture to re-sell. He lives in a room in Beijing’s Underground City, a labyrinthian former bomb shelter that serves as cheap housing for the poor. After a work accident left him temporarily blind, he starts using a rope to find his way around the dimly lit basement halls. One night, he meets another resident of the subterranean labyrinth, who is also a migrant, at the other end of his rope. Working as a pole dancer, Xiao Yun is desperately in search for a good employment opportunity. At ground level, old Lao Jin struggles to get a reasonable compensation for his soon-to-be-demolished house. Since his health is declining and his savings are evaporating rapidly, he counts on Yong Le to sell his furniture at a good price.

Portraying the intersecting lives of three people in the vast melting pot of the Beijing metropolis, Underground Fragrance (2015) won the Fedeora Award for Best Film at Venice Days the same year.

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