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I Love Kuduro


November 19 – November 22, 2020

Ilovekuduro 2014 <i>I Love Kuduro</i> [Kuduro’yu Seviyorum] (2014) filminden bir kare ©BRO Cinema<br />
Still from I Love Kuduro (2014) ©BRO Cinema

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I Love Kuduro, 2014
Director: Mário Patrocínio
96 minutes
Portuguese; Turkish and English subtitles

Defined as an urban cultural movement, born in Angola during the last decade of the civil war, Kuduro is a mixture of house and techno along with traditional rhythms. Having come to life in the discos and raves of downtown Luanda, the Kuduro dance and music quickly spread to other cities. Now present in every aspect of Angolan popular culture with lyrics inspired from everyday life, the booming Kuduro is enthralling the youth all over Africa.

The 2014 film I Love Kuduro explores the movement’s impact on the youth of Angola, and how Kuduro has become increasingly popular even beyond the borders. The engaging documentary follows the most idolised stars of this phenomenon, shedding light on a talented new generation of Angolan musicians.

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