Study Groups: Presentation by Vibeke Mascini


November 24, 2020 19.30

SALT Online YouTube Channel

“Regeneration as a Non-linear Framework: Embodied Landscapes and Global Scales of Proximity”

As part of SALT’s Study Groups, Sena Başöz invites The Hague-based artist and writer Vibeke Mascini to discuss the notion of regeneration and how it is reflected in her works. Mascini’s research often looks into historic and futuristic concepts of electricity as a speculative agent of life. Among the outcomes is the sound installation Salvage (2019), for which a new form of battery was developed that harnesses the energy released from burning the remains of a stranded whale.

The third presentation of the online workshop on archives and regeneration by artist Sena Başöz, this public program will be held in English, and will be broadcasted at SALT Online YouTube Channel.

Frequently in collaboration with scientists, engineers, music composers as well as government employees, Vibeke Mascini seeks to channel an intimate understanding of electricity by drawing a direct relation to its source with her sculptures, installations, videos, and texts. Her works have been included in international collections such as MoMA Library (New York), Academisch Medisch Centrum (Amsterdam), Columbia University Library (New York), and Bibliothèque Nationale de France (Paris).
Salvage 2019 Vibekemascini Vibeke Mascini, <i>Salvage</i>, 2019
Sanatçının izniyle
Vibeke Mascini, Salvage, 2019
Courtesy artist