Is this our last chance?


April 26 – July 4, 2021

Ana Gorsel Mossville 2 <i>Mossville: When Great Trees Fall</i> [Mossville: Ulu Ağaçlar Devrildiğinde] (2019) filminden bir kare ©Fire River Films
Still from Mossville: When Great Trees Fall (2019) ©Fire River Films
Is this our last chance? SALT’s screening program calls attention to climate change, its impact on humans and the world; the 2021 selection brings together ten documentary films from South Africa, Norway, France, Canada, Bolivia, and the Balkans. This year’s seventh edition, supported by Garanti BBVA, begins with One Table Two Elephants (2019) on April 26 and can be streamed with Turkish subtitles at for a week.

Our planet is getting warmer, oceans are becoming acidic, and sea levels rising; as ecosystems are being damaged by climate change, biodiversity is declining faster than ever before. The ongoing climate crisis and the efforts to find solutions now reach wider audiences through the news as well as documentary films. This year’s films seek answers as to how humans, animals, nature, and urban life can coexist in harmony. While a group of teenagers undertake the task of protecting their city’s ecological heritage via dance and music, elsewhere a community holding onto its roots hopes to build a better future. The climate struggle of a small island nation in the Pacific could happen in another part of the world. Regardless of individual, societal, or institutional responsibilities, the realization that the choices we make today determine our tomorrow is gradually increasing.

Is this our last chance? confronts climate change; focusing on urgent issues. The films that research possible solutions for our future and raise public awareness will be free to watch and accessible from all over Turkey. Following the screenings, a series of talks coinciding with the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) that is planned take place in Glasgow, Scotland, in November, will bring together researchers, scientists, and educators to encourage dialogue and discussion about the climate and ecological crisis.

Programmed by Fatma Çolakoğlu from SALT, Is this our last chance? films will be streamed at, between April 26 and July 4. Each film will stream online for a week, in its original language with Turkish and English subtitles.

In September 2015, SALT announced that it does not accept support from oil, coal, or gas corporate entities.

SALT’s Is this our last chance? program is supported by its founder, Garanti BBVA.


April 26-May 2

Jacob von Heland ve Henrik Ernstson, One Table Two Elephants, 2019

May 3-9
Miha Avguštin, Rožle Bregar ve Matic Oblak, The Undamaged, 2018

May 10-16
Alexander Glustrom, Mossville: When Great Trees Fall, 2019

May 17-23
Pieter Van Eecke, Samuel in the Clouds, 2016

May 24-30
Matthieu Rytz, Anote’s Ark, 2018

May 31-June 6
Jörg Adolph ve Jan Haft, Das geheime Leben der Bäume [The Hidden Life of Trees], 2020

June 7-13
Manuel Deiller ve Nina Ardoin, Longyearbyen, a Bipolar City, 2016

June 14-20
Meng Han, Yao Wang Fan Xing [Smog Town], 2019

June 21-27
François-Xavier Drouet, Le temps des forêts [The Time of Forests], 2019

June 28-July 4
Clement Guerra ve Sophie Guerra, The Condor and the Eagle, 2019