Conversation: Cooking Sections and Zozan Pehlivan


June 11, 2021 19.00

Weathered Forum Saltbeyoglu Orta Miyosen dönemine (içinde bulunduğumuz zamanın ∼16-11 milyon yıl öncesi) tarihlenen ve Muğla’da (Yatağan, Eskihisar) bulunan <i>Populus populina</i> fosili (Fotoğraf: Mustafa Hazneci, SALT)
Populus populina fossil, dating back to the Middle Miocene (∼16-11 million years before present), found in Eskihisar, Yatağan, Muğla
Photo by Mustafa Hazneci, SALT
SALT Online YouTube Channel

Cooking Sections (Daniel Fernández Pascual & Alon Schwabe) will be in conversation with environmental historian Zozan Pehlivan in the context of the ongoing exhibition CLIMAVORE: Seasons Made to Drift at SALT Beyoğlu. Focusing on the social and political conditions around climatic changes, the conversation will examine the impacts of late 19th century droughts and severe cold episodes on the peoples of Ottoman Asia and their livelihoods.

Looking further into Weathered (2021), one of the five case studies within the exhibition that includes material records of historic droughts and famines in Anatolia, the program will scrutinize what the artefacts in the study refer to regarding climate information from the times when meteorological data was not yet systematically collected.

The conversation (in English) will be broadcasted on SALT Online YouTube channel.

Zozan Pehlivan is an Assistant Professor of History at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Her research focuses on the history of environments, violence, comparative empires, animals, and pastoralists in the Middle East.