Dr. Derya Akkaynak

Climate Change, Ocean Warming


November 27, 2021 17.00

T S05771 Seathru Credit Tom Shlesinger Derya Akkaynak'ın geliştirdiği "sea-thu" algoritmasıyla kaydedilen su altı görüntüsü
Tom Shlesinger izniyle
Underwater image recorded with “sea-thru” algorithm developed by Derya Akkaynak
Courtesy Tom Shlesinger
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SALT’s Is this our last chance? program, supported by Garanti BBVA, in collaboration with WWF-Turkey (World Wide Fund for Nature) will conclude with Derya Akkaynak’s talk titled “Değişen İklim Isınan Okyanuslar [Climate Change, Ocean Warming]” on Saturday, November 27, at 17.00.

Akkaynak, who is a scholar at Florida Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute in the USA, will examine the impact of the climate crisis on oceans. Upon receiving her bachelor’s degree from Middle East Technical University, Department of Aerospace Engineering, Akkaynak completed her graduate studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She graduated from the dual PhD program in Mechanical Engineering and Oceanography offered by the reputable Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and MIT. During her post-doctoral fellowship at Princeton University, Akkaynak received the “Blavatnik Award for Young Scientists” in Physics and Engineering in 2019. The award was granted for her collaborative work with Dr. Tali Treibitx, an algorithm titled “sea-thru” which restores the colors of images recorded underwater.

The talk (in Turkish) will be moderated by Ayşe Oruç from WWF-Turkey and broadcast live on the

Dr. Derya Akkaynak, After completing her undergraduate education in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Middle East Technical University, she completed her master’s and doctorate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As a mechanical engineer and oceanographer (marine scientist), Akkaynak, attended post-doctoral studies at Princeton University, Panama, Israel, and Germany. She won the “Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists” award in 2019 in physics and engineering for the algorithm she developed called “sea-thru” which corrects color distortion in images recorded underwater. She currently works at the Florida Harbor Branch Institution of Oceanography in the USA.

Ayşe Oruç, WWF-Turkey Marine and Wildlife Programme Manager

SALT’s Is this our last chance? program is supported by its founder, Garanti BBVA.

Is this our last chance? Talks program by SALT is organized in collaboration with WWF-Turkey (World Wide Fund for Nature)