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Founded by Garanti BBVA in 2011 to support the production of knowledge, culture, and art, SALT’s ten years of accumulated content is made visible on the website “SALT Panorama.” Encapsulating the exhibitions, programs, research projects, publications, and archive collections of SALT, the project is presented as a chronicle of significant moments in the formation and development of the institution. Visitors can go through the projects developed by SALT, gaining online access to records such as SALT Research’s archive collections, past programs and activities, and e-publications. Embodying the memory of the institution, the project also highlights multilayered connections between programs realized in collaboration with artists, academics, and researchers.

SALT at a glance
Founded by Garanti BBVA to provide a sustainable setting for cultural research and production in Turkey, SALT is a worldwide cultural institution in tune with the necessities of the twenty-first century with its open, innovative, and dynamic structure. Functioning as an open source with content that raises awareness on social issues, SALT has remained committed to developing programs that value participation and encourage qualified knowledge production over the decade. Developing a contemporary and original context that blends art, design, and social history, the institution contributes to the public memory of Turkey and its nearby geography through archive and research projects.

Active sites of the city: SALT Beyoğlu and SALT Galata
Continuing its activities in Istanbul in SALT Beyoglu and in the historical Ottoman Bank building SALT Galata, SALT offers a living space and a range of facilities in which visitors can enjoy working and spending time in one of the liveliest spots of the city. Providing public access to more than three million visitors, SALT has realized 1,500 programs, including screenings and concerts, conferences and workshops, along with 100 exhibitions in Istanbul and Ankara during its ten-year journey.

Reference source for students, academics, and researchers
As the only member of the European museum confederation L’Internationale from Turkey, SALT has been involved in a wide spectrum of international projects since its foundation. SALT also collaborates with a number of initiatives on the subjects of photography, performance, plants, and food, and facilitates mutual learning in collaboration with educational and research institutions, including universities. Located at SALT Galata, SALT Research constitutes an instrumental resource especially for students, academics, and researchers as a specialized library with 100,000 publications. Having provided research funds to 62 projects relating to Turkey, SALT functions as an infrastructure and a source of reference for individuals from a variety of disciplines.

Leading in open access to knowledge and culture with its digital infrastructure
Configuring an online environment as one of its main domains, operates as a tool for daily communication and a dynamic platform where visitors can access talks and screenings, as well as e-publications, web projects, and blog posts. Archive collections nearing 1,900,000 documents cataloged and digitized by the institution are also available via Spanning the late nineteenth century to the early twenty-first century, the collection has a range of documents in the fields of art, architecture, design, city, society, and economy, as well as the professional archives of notable architects, designers, artists, and photographers in Turkey.

SALT Panorama Team
Project: Meriç Öner, Emirhan Altuner
Coordination: Fatma Çolakoğlu
Content: SALT
Data collection: Emirhan Altuner, Gamze Cebeci, Mustafa Hazneci
Text: Başak Çaka, Meriç Öner
Translation: Duygu Demir, Gülşah Mursaloğlu, Ezgi Yurteri
English editing: Jane Warrilow
Design: Işıl Ünal Kozar, Cem Kozar (PATTU)
Application: Ari Algosyan

SALT is founded and supported by Garanti BBVA