Stage, Record, Archive: Performance


February 22 – February 23, 2022

Samson Young The Immortals Feat Dither Michael Schiefel And Eliza Li Samson Young, <i>The Immortals</i> [Ölümsüzler] (Dither, Michael Schiefel ve Eliza Li eşliğinde), Performa 19, 2019
Fotoğraf: Paula Court
Samson Young, The Immortals (feat. Dither, Michael Schiefel and Eliza Li), Performa 19, 2019
Photo: Paula Court
February 22, Tuesday, 12.30-17.10
February 23, Wednesday, 13.30-20.15

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Stage, Record, Archive: Performance, a two-day international conference, will address key issues regarding research, documentation and archival practices of performance art. Presented within the context of SALT’s ongoing research project on performance art in Turkey, the participants will share diverse documentation methods, necessary digital tools to capture and preserve performance art’s ephemeral nuances, as well as key approaches in sharing such archival material with the public.

SALT’s research on performing arts in Turkey, which particularly focuses on a time frame between mid-1980s until late 1990s, aims to map and visually decode critical works expressed in the form of dance, live and experimental theatre. The research outcome will be probed further through a web project and a comprehensive exhibition in September 2022.

The conference Stage, Record, Archive: Performance (in English) will be livestreamed on SALT Online YouTube Channel on February 22-23

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Simge Burhanoğlu
(Performistanbul, Turkey), Rebecca Gordon (Scotland), Kae Ishimoto (Keio University Art Center, Japan), Robert Jarosz (Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej w Warszawie, Poland), Gunter Lösel (Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland), Esa Nickle (Performa, USA), Bojana Piškur (Moderna galerija, Slovenia), Heike Roms (Exeter University, UK), Rebecca Schneider (Brown University, USA), Chuong-Dai Vo (Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong), Yohko Watanabe (Keio University Art Center, Japan)

Organized in collaboration with L’Internationale as part of Our Many Europes project, Stage, Record, Archive: Performance is supported by Zorlu Holding and Zorlu Performing Arts Center’s Digilogue, patron of SALT Research online resources since 2019.

Programmers: Amira Akbıyıkoğlu (SALT), Sezin Romi (SALT), Mine Söyler
SALT Project Team: Eylül Şenses, Gamze Cebeci, Gül İçel, Mustafa Hazneci

Garanti BBVA is the founder of SALT.