Thursday Cinema "What is normal, anyway?"
Lo strano suono della felicità [The Strange Sound of Happiness]

Salt Beyoğlu, Online

June 16 – June 19, 2022

4 Lo Strano Suono Della Felicita <i>Lo strano suono della felicità</i> [Mutluluğun Tuhaf Sesi] (2017) filminden bir kare
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Still from Lo strano suono della felicità [The Strange Sound of Happiness] (2017)
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June 16, 19.00, Salt Beyoğlu, Walk-in Cinema
June 17-19,

Lo strano suono della felicità [The Strange Sound of Happiness] (2017)
Director: Diego Pascal Panarello
Cast: Nicolai Shishigin, Spiridon Shishigin
90 minutes
Italian, English, Sakha, Russian; Turkish subtitles

After twenty years spent away from home, Diego returns to Sicily. He is without money, a job or any prospects for the future, and his dream of becoming a musician has not worked out. Haunted by a visionary image of a jaw harp, he embarks on a journey of dreams and redemption to find the origins of this ancient instrument, which ultimately leads him to the frozen plains of Yakutia in Siberia. Here, this small piece of iron made to vibrate appears everywhere as a symbol of happiness. Meeting masters, shamans and virtuosos, he learns the multiple meanings of this sacred instrument and becomes part of a centuries-old prophecy.

Lo strano suono della felicità [The Strange Sound of Happiness] (2017) by Sicilian director and musician Diego Pascal Panarello is based on a true story where reality and fantasy intertwine. The film was awarded a special mention at the DOK Leipzig 2017 where it premiered, and presented in the Sound & Vision section of CPH:DOX 2018 in Copenhagen.

Following Salt Beyoğlu’s Walk-in Cinema screening on Thursday, June 16 at 19.00, the film will be streamed online from Friday, June 17 to Sunday midnight, June 19 via

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