Thursday Cinema "What is normal, anyway?"
Faraway My Shadow Wandered

Salt Beyoğlu, Online

June 23 – June 26, 2022

5 Faraway My Shadow Wandered 1 1 <i>Faraway My Shadow Wandered</i> [Uzaklarda Dolaşan Gölgem] (2020) filminden bir kare
Still from Faraway My Shadow Wandered (2020)
June 23, 19.00, Salt Beyoğlu, Walk-in Cinema
June 24-26,

Faraway My Shadow Wandered (2020)
Director: Liao Jiekai, Sudhee Liao
Cast: Junya Kobayashi, Sara Tan
70 minutes
English, Japanese; Turkish subtitles

The winter wind hits the shores of Anamizu, a Japanese city, where Junya promised his grandfather that he would become the heir to the family’s centuries-old Shinto shrine. Years later, he still has not kept his word as he ventured overseas to pursue other dreams and distanced himself from his hometown. One day, he meets Sara, a dancer who was born the same day as him, and this fateful encounter leads him to confront a family history that he has left behind and gives the dancer inspiration for her work. Together, they revisit Junya’s hometown to reconnect with his childhood and let go of a promise he cannot fulfill.

Co-directed by filmmaker Liao Jiekai and choreographer Sudhee Liao, Faraway My Shadow Wandered (2020) was premiered at the 31st Singapore International Film Festival. Combining elements of dance, photography, and film, this hybrid documentary puts emphasis on gestures rather than words to give voice to feelings that might otherwise remain unexpressed.

Following Salt Beyoğlu’s Walk-in Cinema screening on Thursday, June 23 at 19.00, the film will be streamed online from Friday, June 24 to Sunday midnight, June 26 via

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