Thursday Cinema "What is normal, anyway?"
A Love Unknown

Salt Beyoğlu, Online

June 30 – July 3, 2022

6 Aloveunknown 1 <i>A Love Unknown</i> [Meçhul Bir Sevgi] (2020) filminden bir kare
Still from A Love Unknown (2020)
June 30, 19.00, Salt Beyoğlu, Walk-in Cinema
July 1-3,

A Love Unknown (2020)
Director: John Clang
Cast: Min Ko, Renée Ting
82 minutes
English, Korean; Turkish subtitles

A woman in New York and her abandoned daughter in Singapore, both struggling with existential questions, try to break their endless fall into depression towards a better life. Min, the estranged mother, suffers from writer’s block. She is haunted by an imaginary nemesis and unsettled by failed relationships with her father and ex-lover. In another corner of the world, her adult daughter Renée works on a new art project to cope with the sudden end of her marriage. Over the course of four days, their nightmares, obsessions, and illusions unravel an inter-connectedness between mother and child in a daily struggle to survive.

Blurring the line between documentary and fiction, A Love Unknown (2020) directed by John Clang interweaves personal stories and traumas with larger questions on the meaning of life and existence.

Following Salt Beyoğlu’s Walk-in Cinema screening on Thursday, June 30 at 19.00, the film will be streamed online from Friday, July 1 to Sunday midnight, July 3 via

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