Conversation: Kyiv Films
Oleksiy Radinsky and Fırat Yücel


Artist-writer Oleksiy Radinsky will be in online conversation with film critic-director Fırat Yücel as part of the public program A Crack In the Wall, organized in parallel to Salt’s Into the Unknown exhibition.

Kyiv Films takes a closer look into Radinsky’s experimental documentaries, with a focus on the works presented in the exhibition and the accompanying public program. In light of Radinsky’s artistic practice, which centers upon Eastern Europe’s post-Soviet topography and its representations in art, the conversation aims to reflect on Kyiv’s political climate as well as social and cultural contradictions after the disintegration of the Eastern Bloc.

The talk will be held in English and can be accessed via Salt Online YouTube channel.

Radinsky’s experimental film Circulation (2020), based on his observations over three years of a 50-kilometer circular train route, is also part of Into the Unknown and can be viewed at Salt Beyoğlu until August 14.

Oleksiy Radinsky is an artist and writer. The social tensions and cultural contradictions caused by the Soviet architectural heritage in the context of post-Soviet urban development and infrastructure constitute a crucial theme in his work. His previous works include Troyeschyna Dva (2017), a critique of Eastern Europe’s infrastructure politics, and Facade Color: Blue (2019), a documentary project on the architect Florian Yuriev.

Fırat Yücel is a film critic, film editor, director, and co-founder of Altyazı Sinema Dergisi [Altyazı Cinema Magazine]. He was the chief editor of the magazine for a long time, and worked as film editor and director in the documentaries Hoşgeldin Lenin (2016), Kapalı Gişe (2016), Özgürleşen Seyirci: Emek Sineması Mücadelesi (2016), Baştan Başa (2019) and CemileSezgin (2020). Yücel is the editor of Altyazı Fasikül: Özgür Sinema, which focuses on freedom of expression in Turkey.