Performance: Play B
Ceylan Öztrük

Salt Galata

September 15, 2022 19.00

Ceylan Oztruk Tantm Gorseli 1 Ceylan Öztrük, <i>Oyun B</i>’den prova fotoğrafı
Sanatçının izniyle
Photograph from the rehearsal of Oyun B [Play B], 2022
Courtesy the artist
Floor 1

The public program accompanying The 90s Onstage, exploring aspects of the stage and performance in Turkey’s 1990s culture scene, begins with two performances during the first week of the exhibition.

Oyun B [Play B] (2022), the most up-to-date piece of the Orientalien series, which Ceylan Öztrük has been showing since 2020, traces the connections between the body and the building while adressing the memory embodied in these structures. Embracing the body images of the “other”, particularly as an immigrant, the work seeks to establish a link between body movements and social power relations, emphasizing the otherness of the self and the surrounding structures.

The performance will be held on Thursday, September 15 at 19.00 at Salt Galata on floor 1. The program is free of charge and open to everyone.

Oyun B [Play B]
Direction and Concept: Ceylan Öztrük
Movement Direction: Manu Anima
Performers: Sera Armağan, Buğra Büyükşimşek, Buket Kapısız
Sound: Berk Çakmakçı, Mertcan Mert
Research Assistant and Casting: Mine Söyler

Duration: 60 minutes.

Ceylan Öztrük lives and works in Zurich. She opens up accepted forms of knowledge and focuses on how it was built to shift a specific flow and thus become tools of the structures of power. Her previous works include Orientalien, Gessnerallee Theatre, Zürich (2020); Am a Mollusk, too; re/producing Tangents, Longtang, Zürich (2020), IV. Berliner Herbstsalon, Berlin (2019); Oriental Demo, My Wild Flag Festival, Stockholm (2019), Building Poems, 1.1, Basel (2018); Speculative Domestics: Ai (Artificial Intimacy) Showroom, Alienze, Lausanne, Switzerland (2019); Call me Venus, Mars, Istanbul (2016).
The 90s Onstage is organized as part of L’Internationale’s Our Many Europes program.