"Benjamin and Arendt on Displacement"

Salt Galata

November 26, 2022 10.00 – 18.30

Image 20221118 112032 512 Fotoğraf: Sanem Yazıcıoğlu
Photo: Sanem Yazıcıoğlu
The conference “Benjamin and Arendt on Displacement”, organized by Goethe-Institut Istanbul, will bring together researchers and academics tackling the issue of recognition encountered by displaced people from around the world. Arranged in three sessions, the program focuses on Walter Benjamin and Hannah Arendt, two seminal thinkers who dealt with the notion of violence through their own experience of displacement, and presents multiple perspectives on the subject in light of their works, which remain relevant in our present time.

This free-admission program is open to everyone. The first session will be held in English; the second and third sessions will be in Turkish.


Opening Remarks

Session 1 – Moderator: Sanem Yazıcıoğlu

10.15-11.20 Sigrid Weigel (Technische Universität Berlin, Leibniz Center for Literary and Cultural Research): “Between messianism and history. Walter Benjamin and Hannah Arendt on displacement”
11.20-11.30 Break

Session 2 – Moderator: Ateş Uslu

11.30-12.20 Gaye İlhan Demiryol (Boğaziçi University): “Arendt ve Benjamin: Geçmişin Işığında”
12.20-13.10 Eylem Yolsal (Kırklareli University): “Arendt’te İnsan Haklarının Yurtsuzluğu”
13.10-13.25 Break
13.25-14.15 Bora Erdağı (Kocaeli University): “Metafor Olarak Deneyim ve Şehir”

14.15-15.30 Lunch Break

Session 3 – Moderator: Türker Armaner

15.30-16.20 Kurtul Gülenç (Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University): “Sürgün, Yurtsuzluk ve Adalet Arayışı”
16.20-17.10 M. Ertan Kardeş (Istanbul University): “Benjamin, Kent ve Fantazmagoriler”
17.10-17.25 Break
17.25-18.15 Sanem Yazıcıoğlu (Istanbul University): “Yer Deneyimi: Yer Edinme, Yer Verme, Yerinden Olma”

18.15-18.25 Closing Remarks