90s Marathon

Salt Beyoğlu

December 10, 2022 14.00 – 19.00

Seretoninii Invitation Elizaproctor Yedikule Gazhanesi’nde gerçekleştirilen <i>Seretonin II</i> (1992) sergisinin açılış davetiyesi 
Fotoğraf: Eliza Proctor
Yedikule Gazhanesi’nde gerçekleştirilen Seretonin II (1992) sergisinin açılış davetiyesi
Fotoğraf: Eliza Proctor
Walk-in Cinema

Salt is organizing a series of talks within the scope of The 90s Onstage, which explores aspects of the stage and performance in 1990s Turkey. Comprising three sessions, the program aims to shed light on a series of events that prioritized interdisciplinary production and horizontal relationships, namely Seretonin exhibitions, Assos Performing Arts Festival, and Performans Günleri [Performance Days] led by the Interdisciplinary Young Artists Association (DAGS). The organizers and participating artists of these events will discuss the role of experimental productions and collaborative forms of work within the art scene of the period.


14.00-15.30: “Two Doses of Seretonin”

The Seretonin journey began in 1989. The two-edition exhibition series, which took place three years apart, were organized by young artists Arhan Kayar and Cana Dölay, graduates of Mimar Sinan University’s Department of Architecture, and Çağatay Karaçizmeli, a graduate of the same school’s Department of Photography. In the first session of the day, moderated by Amira Akbıyıkoğlu from Salt, this core team will talk about their practice and what gave Seretonin exhibitions a unique and daring quality. Participating artists Tan Oral and Aydın Teker will share their experiences at Feshane and Yedikule Gasworks, where Serotonin I and Serotonin II took place respectively.

15.45-17.15: “Responsive, Spontaneous, and Dangerous”
Hüseyin Katırcıoğlu (1953-1999) founded Ya Da Theater in 1991, together with Şule Ateş and Zişan Uğurlu, to develop an understanding of theater based on intercultural dialogue. In the second half of the 1990s, the Assos Performing Arts Festival, with Katırcıoğlu as its artistic director, turned every corner of Behramkale village in Çanakkale and the ancient city of Assos into a stage. This session of the program, moderated by Ayşe Draz, brings together Çağla Ormanlar and Selçuk Gürışık, who designed the decor and costumes for the festival, architect-storyteller Asiye Cengiz, artist-academic Zeynep Günsür Yüceil, and Şule Ateş from Ya Da Theater. They will reflect on how the festival developed site-specific and collaborative ways of working together with the local community.

17.15-17.30: “Alper Maral on Stage”
Alper Maral, who was among the participating artists of Performans Günleri [Performance Days], will realize a performance dedicated to the collective spirit of the 90s.

17.30-19.00: “To perform or not to perform: That is the question!”
Interdisciplinary Young Artists Association (DAGS), formed by a young and enthusiastic team that crossed paths during Genç Etkinlik [Youth Action] in 1995, was the initiator of Performans Günleri [Performance Days], first held at the Atatürk Cultural Center (AKM) in 1996, followed by a second edition in Darphane-i Âmire buildings in 1997. Founding members of DAGS, Ali Can Yaraş, Nadi Güler, Didem Dayı and Genco Gülan, and İnsel İnal, who joined the association during its second term, will talk about the state of continuous risk-taking as a key component of performance. In this final session moderated by Ayşe Draz, these formations and initiatives will be explored within the context of Turkey’s art scene in the 1990s.

The talks will be followed by rambomozart and Age Reform’s DJ performances in the Kitchen at Salt Beyoğlu from 19.00. The 90s Marathon program and DJ performances organized with the support of Türk Tuborg A.Ş. are free of charge and open to everyone.

A selection of archival materials related to Seretonin, Assos Performing Arts Festival, and Performans Günleri [Performance Days] can be viewed at Salt Beyoğlu and Salt Galata until February 12, 2023, as part of The 90s Onstage.

Mert Öztekin joined the technical team of Açık Radyo in the mid-2000s and started DJing as rambomozart on the radio and a range of venues. He occasionally shares his solo home music and mixes. Öztekin has been a member of the bands Ha Za Vu Zu and Haylayf S. Üçgeni since their inception.

Berk Çakmakçı started making music under the name Age Reform in 2010. He has released two albums and several EPs and contributed to the compilations of local and global record labels. Known for his eclectic sets, he also produces music and sound for theater plays and performances. Çakmakçı is the co-founder of Istanbul-based Studio Pul, where he works as an art director and designer.

The 90s Onstage is organized as part of L’Internationale’s Our Many Europes program.