Is this our last chance? Sembradoras de Vida [Mothers of the Land]

Salt Beyoğlu, Online

December 11 – December 25, 2022

Mothers Of The Land 2 <i>Sembradoras de Vida</i> [Toprağın Anaları] (2019) filminden bir kare 
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Still from Sembradoras de Vida [Mothers of the Land] (2019)
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December 11, 14.00, Salt Beyoğlu, Walk-in Cinema
December 19-25,

Sembradoras de Vida [Mothers of the Land] (2019)
Directors: Álvaro and Diego Sarmiento
74 minutes
Spanish, Quechua; Turkish subtitles

Directors Álvaro and Diego Sarmiento follow five women from the Andes highlands in their daily struggle to preserve centuries-old, traditional methods of agriculture that are in danger of disappearing due to climate change. These women share their insights on the connections between plants and animals, between diseases and what we eat as well as the differences in taste between organically grown food and those following a more industrial method of growing and harvesting. The Sarmiento brothers also join them in their travels, especially a poignant one to a global seed vault in Norway, where the planet’s seeds are being protected.

Following the Walk-in Cinema screening on Sunday, December 11 at 14.00, the film will be streamed online between December 19-25 via

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