"Story of Moni"
Talk: Moni & Sezin Romi

Salt Beyoğlu

January 21, 2023 15.00

2 Moni Birbeytepedusu Moni Salim Özgilik, <i>Bir Beytepe Düşü</i>, Beytepe (Ankara), 1988
Salt Araştırma, Moni Salim Özgilik Arşivi
Moni Salim Özgilik, Bir Beytepe Düşü [Three Fences in Crows], Beytepe (Ankara), 1988
Salt Research, Moni Salim Özgilik Archive
Walk-in Cinema

Performance and happening became popular in Turkey from the late 1980s as new forms of expression, especially among young artists. One of the leading figures of these emerging trends, Moni Salim Özgilik often produced provocative and participatory works that took place in public spaces, and contributed to various group exhibitions in Ankara and Istanbul. The artist started his undergraduate education in geological engineering and graduated from the Painting Department at Hacettepe University, Ankara, before moving to New York in 1992.

Salt is organizing a talk with the artist, taking his works presented as part of The 90s Onstage as a point of departure. The talk will be held in Turkish.

The 90s Onstage is on view until February 12 at Salt Beyoğlu and Salt Galata.

Comprising documents and photographs related to the artist’s practice from the late 1980s to mid-1990s, Moni Salim Özgilik’s archive can be accessed online via archives.saltresearch.org.

The 90s Onstage is organized as part of L’Internationale’s Our Many Europes program.