Contemporary Polish Cinema
Brigitte Bardot cudowna [Brigitte Bardot Forever]

Salt Beyoğlu

November 25, 2023 16.00

Brigitte Bardot Cudowna 2 <i>Brigitte Bardot cudowna</i> [Bir Ömür Brigitte Bardot] (2021) filminden bir kare  
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Still from Brigitte Bardot cudowna [Brigitte Bardot Forever] (2021)
©Domino Film
Brigitte Bardot cudowna [Brigitte Bardot Forever] (2021)
Director: Lech Majewski
Cast: Kacper Olszewski, Joanna Opozda, Magdalena Różczka, Andrzej Grabowski, Weronika Rosati
122 minutes
Polish; Turkish subtitles

The mid-20th century in socialist Poland. Adam lives with his mother, who is persecuted by the state security service. His father fought in World War II as a pilot, defending Britain, and has not been heard from since. Parcels and postcards arrive from him, but Adam—who has never seen him—suspects someone else is sending them. He keeps dreaming that one day his father will land in the sports field at his school in his Spitfire, raising dust from which he will emerge alive, heroic, and magnificent. One day, as he is watching Jean-Luc Godard’s Le Mépris [Contempt] at the cinema, he suddenly finds himself in Brigitte Bardot’s boudoir and her world of movie stars.

A story inspired by the character of Telemachus in Homer’s Odyssey and his journey in search of his father, the film explores encounters with mythical figures, presenting analogies with the contemporary mythology of mass culture and politics.

The screening will take place on Saturday, November 25 at 16.00 in the Walk-in Cinema.

Limited seats. No reservations.

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