Salt Research
Ateşizâde Mehmed Bedreddin Selçûki Archive

Egitim Arsivi Hattat Arif Hikmet Bey’in biyografisi (solda), Emirgan İnas Mekteb-i Rüşdiyesi (sağ üstte) ve İsmail Paşa Mektebi (sağ altta), <i>Hadikatü’l-Mekâtib</i>, s. 175
Salt Araştırma, Ateşizâde Mehmed Bedreddin Selçukî Arşivi
Biography of Hattat Arif Hikmet Bey (left); Emirgan İnas Mekteb-i Rüşdiyesi [Secondary School for Girls in Emirgan] (top right) and İsmail Paşa School (bottom right), Hadikatü’l-Mekâtib, p. 175, EATBKD006175
Salt Research, Ateşizâde Mehmed Bedreddin Selçukî Archive
The archive of Ateşizâde Mehmed Bedreddin Selçukî (1868-1926), who served as the chief clerk at the Maârif Vekâleti (Ministry of Education), can now be accessed at

The collection includes drafts of books on education and biographies of around 7,000 individuals who worked in the ministry, in addition to the correspondence and family photographs of Ateşizâde.