Exhibition Tours:
In the Realm of Three Inland Seas

Salt Beyoğlu

January 16 – April 3, 2024

3h <i>Üç İç Denizin Ülkesi</i> sergisinden görünüm, Salt Beyoğlu, 2023
Fotoğraf: Mustafa Hazneci (Salt)
Installation view from In the Realm of Three Inland Seas, Salt Beyoğlu, 2023
Photo: Mustafa Hazneci (Salt)
In the Realm of Three Inland Seas, Handan Börüteçene’s most comprehensive exhibition to date, will be explored through exhibition tours led by Salt Research and Programs team. During the tours, participants will inquire into Börüteçene’s artistic practice spanning over forty years and engage in discussions centered around the exhibition.

The title of the exhibition points to a geography that has inspired the artist with its land and seas as well as cultural heritage and myths: Anatolia and Thrace. The selection at Salt Beyoğlu highlights various works, including Börüteçene’s early pieces making up her graduation project, her award-winning installation Kır/Gör [Break/See] (1985), the terracotta series displayed in the Urart Art Gallery in 1987, and her large-scale public sculptures.

The tours are limited to 25 participants. Please register via this form.

Exhibition Tour Dates
Tuesday, January 16, 19.00 (Turkish) — Quota full
Saturday, February 24, 15.00 (English) — Quota full
Saturday, March 9, 15.00 (Turkish) — Quota full
Wednesday, March 27, 19.00 (Turkish) — Quota full
Wednesday, April 3, 19.00 (Turkish) — Quota full